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Hi Jack !

Wars bluff




                                             TO WRITE OR TO FIGHT 

Why should anyone pick up their pen and write?         

when only they really know what they mean,

when to another the words are twisted and meshed like wire.

Those words once precious and pure, now just fuel for the fire.

Silence in Jerusalem

Market gardens and fetes in Iraq

Parties in Palenstine.

And in Afghanistan, a festival for the family.

Love in’s in Belfast and in Armagh, sunflowers.

Balloons in Sierra Leone,

And congas’ in the Congo

They dance right through to Rwanda.

Sweet melodies on the radio and not a hint of propaganda.

Snowman building in the Balkan winter

 And park playing in Chechnya.

Craft-making in Kashmir, and

Karaoke in Columbia.

Charity with tea in China

and real democracy in U.S.A.

I wrote this but it isn’t true.

To write can be to dream.

To write can be to fight.

Down to the injustice,down to the invader

Down to greed and poverty, down to inequality

Up for the just, up for the needy

Up for the right, up for the good fight

I wrote this but what dose it mean ?

For whoever may decide

what is good and what is just and who’s law we should abide.

So beware when you stain the page                              

for words can fuel a rage

fuel  a dream, so beautiful and pure

leave a legacy of symptoms or a legacy of cure


                  So to write or to fight?

                  A pen cannot pierce the armour of a knight

                  but pierce his head right into his mind

                  travelling until a place of convenience

                  it  will find

                  where the words will stay,

                  sometimes for long, sometimes for never

           sometimes passing by and sometimes forever. 

                        DAVID  WOLFENDALE


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