Dear Rab,                                                        (ADRIAN E NOVION)
Its always a pleasure to celebrate your birthday
we hear poetry mainly coming from your legacy.
A good time for reciting the writing in great dramatic fashion,
its quite unique in its kind
especially when we come to the meal.
The dish is the notorious, ever so delicious haggis with neeps

The most unique part being the address to the haggis.

                                 THE BARD                         (RALPH GENIS)
….although he was a lecherous soul with a girl in every port
the outcome was quite rosy……

                       ……….BLOSSOM                          (VICTOR EADIE)
He rose flush red and in the guilt of heather hollow and haunted in the night by headless horses
mounted in fear fleeing over growing foliage of libation temptation.

Inn and ale down in a swift walked on maeked land till pen in hand for the Kirk’s perpetual pithy
of Calvanist expectation.

His anarchy of sin and vice was of worry for the nation’s salvation.

Hunger, mice to mind and kneeded wench on knee for solice of forbidden love
once a sign of evil consummation of impulse in auld time
weird for an unappreciative public.

Celebrate yearly that men are for ‘ aw that and aw that ‘ just men,
so lift your glass and lets recant
the voice of the past
for better words were never spoken.

                                RABBIE                              (JOHN BEST)
Oh Rabbie where are you now
six feet under by the plough
oh what a man you were young and a devil may care
Many a fair maiden’s heart you broke
turning you into a poet
now we celebrate your birthday with haggis, neeps
a dram or two and a tattie,
a rerr terr on a cold January night.
Wee Timor beastie
far in the misty loch
in the Scottish water.

Wee Magenta is sitting on a stool
waiting for the monster
     dead ends

HI JACK!  The bard is an institution


4 thoughts on “BURNS NIGHT

  1. Thank you for posting our poems and stories about Rabbie Burns and for last years great Burns night with singing,food and a dram to celebrate The Bard’s lifetime,best,Ralph(Goldfish)Langside,Glasgow The Coach House Trust

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